Trạm điều khiển tự động GESTAR

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Giá tham khảo : Liên hệ

Nhà cung ứng: Công Ty Cổ Phần interLab

Thương hiệu: Chopin

Mã sản phẩm: EGESTAR

A fully automated system, allowing key quality control parameters to be determined in real time.

  • Obtain protein and moisture content, weight density, content of gluten, zeleny, impurities, etc. in a single pass using a single sample, without human intervention
  • Incorporate results into customer databases
  • Amalgamate all of this information within a single delivery record, along with the quantity delivered

    • of results: No manual input thanks to computer-controlled transfer

    Measurement reliability

    • Automatically homogenized sampling
    • Identical analysis across all samples

    Minimal operator intervention:

    • No handling of samples or devices
    • Evacuation of sample surplus

  • Liên hệ
    Mr. Hải
    Phone: 090 606 1857