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eTMF Master for managing Trial Master File

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Supplier: Anju Software

Built on Anju’s enterprise platform, eTMF Master allows easy upload and management of content, fast and flexible search capabilities, and dashboards providing actionable insights.


  • Rapid Implementation Process

    eTMF Master provides the DIA TMF Reference Model version 3.1 structure by default but lets you import and map other filing structures as well. Easily set up your study TMF folder structure via a quick and intuitive process. Drag and drop one or more files into the defined zones, sections and artifacts of the TMF, use step by step file upload, or integrate content from other systems

    Seamless Integration

    With eTMF Master, bring in data from your Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems and more. With Anju's adaptive platform, data can be brought in from any product in our own eClinical Suite or from 3rd party applications via built-in adapters.

    Actionable Insights

    eTMF Master's advanced visualization dashboards provide actionable insights for optimizing the TMF process. You have instant visibility into the health of your TMF via standard metrics, and your TMF is always inspection-ready.