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Digital Patient Clarification System

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Supplier: Medavis GmbH

Digital Patient Clarification System.


  • The new RIS interface DIGITAL PATIENT CLARIFICATION takes process automatisation to the next level by connecting an external solution. Up to now, this registration process could not be done digitally – now you can seamlessly integrate it into your digital RIS workflow via interface.
    Filling out the patient clarification and questionnaires on anamnesis details was usually done on paper – therefore creating additional organisational costs, as the patient details have to be registered digitally afterwards. The digital registration is important for two reasons: on the one hand to archive the details in the electronic patient record and on the other hand to be able to provide the patient with a copy for their files.
    Suppliers of digital patient clarification letter solutions design this step completely digital by letting the patient enter their details with iPads, PCs or special scanner pens. No matter which system you use, medavis RIS will automatically receive the patient clarification letter as PDF so that it can be archived in the electronic patient record without media disruption.
    The medavis RIS interface DIGITAL PATIENT CLARIFICATION is already being used with three different solutions. The connection of other solutions is possible, as the integration is done via a standard interface. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • - Inform the patient comfortably about medical procedures
    - Quick registration of patient details
    - Process optimisation through a seamless integration into the workflow of your imaging center or clinic
    - Provide questionnaires concerning anamnesis, information and warnings about the procedure on mobile devices for your patients and enable them to prepare optimally for the consent discussion with the doctor
    - Quick and reliable exchange of data and documents e.g. via HL7 or similar
    - Advanced biometrical signature
    - Paperless patient clarification – no copies or scanning required
    - Anamnesis details are registered digitally and only once, which is a substantial time saving
    - Automatic electronic archiving
    - Archived documents are available – no data will be lost