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SOZO® Digital Health Platform

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Supplier: ImpediMed Inc.

SOZO is a point-of-care assessment tool to guide clinical decision-making and maximize patient health.


  • Applications:
    L-Dex Analysis for Lymphedema
    Offer your patients peace of mind. Know their L‑Dex score with the leading technology for point-of-care lymphedema assessment.
    BodyComp™ Analysis
    Empower your patients to change habits and take charge of their health. Go beyond the scale with the comprehensive point‑of‑care body composition analysis.
    Segmental BodyComp™ Analysis
    Inspire your patients to care for their whole self. Know the composition of their arms and legs with advanced technology for point-of-care segmental analysis.
    HF-Dex™ Analysis for Heart Failure
    Know your patient’s fluid volumes to identify the optimal fluid range for your patient. Go beyond the scale with HF-Dex, the newest technology for point-of-care heart failure fluid assessment

  • Software Specifications


    Android 8.1 or greater / iOS v13 or greater


    Chrome or Firefox Browser

    Hardware Specifications


    Samsung Galaxy Tab A / iPad

    Weight Capacity:

    Standing: 375lb / 170 kg, Sitting: 750 lb / 340 kg


    SOZO Device: 10.0 lb / 4.5 kg, SOZOsupport Stand: 25.5 lb / 11.6 kg


    51.1 x 17.5 x 25.5 in / 129.8 x 44.5 x 64.8 cm


    8 stainless steel electrodes

    Frequency Scan:

    3 to 1000 kHz (256 frequencies)

    Measurement Speed:

    Less than 30 seconds1