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Pathfinder SL ECG data analyzer

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Pathfinder SL ECG data analyzer


  • Advanced algorithms and versatile tools allow you to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of ECG data and derive meaningful interpretation to support your screening and diagnostic decision process.
    Pathfinder SL’s unique dual screen analysis system with modular analysis packages allow you to opt for the right solution to manage your current analysis needs while allowing you the flexibility to continue adding increasing sophistication based on your timeline. 
    - Clean simple ECG recordings can be quickly analyzed and reports generated within minutes
    - More complex recordings with multiple atrial and ventricular rhythms can be analyzed using a range of more advanced tools.
    Pathfinder SL’s powerful algorithm is designed to quickly analyze hundreds of thousands of beats in even complex, noisy or unstable recordings. The analysis provides the clinician with comprehensive insight into ECG events and morphologies as well as providing beat counts, beat labeling, ST segment, Heart Rate Variability, and QT analysis.

  • ST analysis
    Seven day ST segment analysis including action replay and measurement point adjustments
    12-Lead Holter ST analysis including lead selection and color mapping of elevation / depression deviations
    12-Lead analysis
    Selectable leads for analysis
    12-Lead ECG snapshot at any period
    Full Glasgow algorithm 12-Lead ECG interpretation on 12-Lead Holter ECG’s
    Pacing analysis
    Atrial and ventricular paced beat detection with pacing track
    Paced beat histograms, scatter plots and relationship diagrams for rapid identification of pacing function
    Pacing rate control graphs with day/night and overall comparisons
    HRV analysis
    Pathfinder SL’s trigger algorithm and user sensitivity controls enable the system to precisely trigger on R-waves even in the presence of noise
    Seven day HRV analysis with multiple views of rates and rhythms including the arrhythmia graph are available
    QT analysis
    QT trend graphs and tables
    QT measurement adjustment markers
    QT or QTc measurements