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L-Dex® Analysis Platform for Lymphedema

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Supplier: ImpediMed Inc.

L-Dex® Analysis Platform for Lymphedema.


  • Designed for Lymphedema
    - The L‑Dex score, only available from ImpediMed, is designed to detect small lymphedema-related fluid changes in the limbs.
    - L‑Dex compares the fluid in a limb at-risk for lymphedema to a healthy limb in order to help detect lymphedema.
    - FDA-cleared for unilateral and bilateral secondary lymphedema of the arms and legs, in women and men.
    Accurate Detection
    - L‑Dex is validated to detect lymphedema at its earliest, subclinical stage
    - Detects fluid changes as small as 36 ml (2.4 tablespoons)
    - Validated against lymphoscintigraphy
    - 80% Sensitive and 90% Specific in detecting subclinical lymphedema following cancer surgery with a 6.5 change from a pre-treatment baseline
    Demonstrated Outcomes
    - 92% of patients with early detection using L-Dex and intervention did not progress to chronic lymphedema4
    - Significantly lower progression to chronic lymphedema with early detection using L-Dex and intervention versus using tape measure4
    - L-Dex more precise and reliable than tape measure4