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Veeva Vault Study Startup

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Speed time to site activation, enable effective collaboration, and make better, more informed decisions.


  • Site Identification, Feasibility, and Selection

    Find the right site faster with built-in workflows that automate and streamline site identification, feasibility, and selection processes.

    Study Startup Homepage

    Prioritize and manage critical tasks and milestones, including high-priority, overdue, and at-risk activities, across multiple studies through a visually intuitive homepage.

    Global Workflows and Study Milestones

    Study start-up teams can navigate complex global regulations with 45+ pre-built country-specific workflows. Track study milestones across trial-related activities, measure cycle times, and quickly understand the impact of events, such as protocol amendments, with visibility to document versions used in each package.

    Dedicated Contract and Budget Lifecycles

    Collaborate directly with investigators and legal teams to streamline contract negotiation and budget allocation. Guided workflows support contract review and approval with investigator sites, while security controls ensure only delegated site personnel have access.

    Single Application Platform

    Accelerate site performance and selection by leveraging site-specific documents across multiple trials. One unified user experience across Vault Study Startup, Vault eTMF, Vault CTMS, and Vault Payments makes users more efficient and productive.

    Connected Sponsor and Site Operations

    Automate information sharing across trial partners, processes, and systems for better collaboration and faster trials with Veeva Site Connect.

  • Accelerate Study Start-up

    Streamline site selection and feasibility, ethics committee approvals, and site contract management to execute trials faster.

    Enable Effective Collaboration

    Achieve greater alignment across study partners through seamless exchange of trial information that drives better decisions.

    Unify Clinical Operations

    Speed trial execution by leveraging the most comprehensive suite of clinical applications on a single cloud platform.