Technology information and equipment lines to produce organic fertilizer from poultry feathers


Poultry feathers - waste products of the livestock industry - with volumes up to thousands of tons/year, are not useless. Poultry feathers contain a very high protein content, so they can be used as a source of protein supplements for animal feed or as fertilizer for crops. Farmers have been using poultry feathers as fertilizer. However, keratin from poultry feathers is a protein with a fibrous structure, has high mechanical strength and is difficult to decompose naturally. If there is no suitable method, but only directly buried in the ground, over time, it will create a toxic and smelly bacterial environment.

* Technical requirement
- Technology for production of organic fertilizer from poultry feathers.
- Input volume: 8-9 tons of raw materials/day.
* Form of cooperation
- Transferring technology and providing equipment for the production of organic manure from poultry feathers.
- Consulting and operating instructions.