Seeking Tapioca Starch Aerodynamic Drying System


The drying process is not simply separating humidity from the material. It is also a technical process to improve product quality, and must have high quality end-product, as well as low energy consumption and low operating costs. This is even more important and difficult to achieve when drying paste.


The aerodynamic drying system is one type of drying equipment suitable for drying light powder in paste form with the humidity concentrated on the surface such as tapioca starch, tapioca flour, light flour (CaCO3), etc. Due to small particle size and light weight, the particle can drift along the flow, creating intense heat and humidity exchange between the agent and the material (8-10 times more than tumble drying). The short drying time means the drying process occurs almost instantly. The smaller the particle, the faster and deeper the drying process. Therefore, manufacturer should pick the right drying equipment for each material to have the best performance in terms of both quality of dried products as well as economic efficiency.

* Technical requirements

Tapioca starch aerodynamic drying system for 12 production lines, lower humidity from 34÷37% to  12,5 ÷ 12,8%.

* Form of cooperation

Supply tapioca starch aerodynamic drying equipment/system.