Calibration of Automatic Bagging Machine GD-1000ES


The Automatic Bagging Machine GD-1000ES is used to bag tapioca starch at 10-50kgs/bag at the speed of 6-10 bags/min (depending on bag weight). It was designed with an automatic trouble detector displayed on the touch screen and can prevent dust when packing.


During the packaging process, because tapioca is sticky, when opening the valve to pour into the bag, there will be some powder left on the machine. This amount of powder will sometimes be added to the next weighing batch, resulting in unreliable weighing results.

* Technical requirement

Correction of Taiwan GD-1000 automatic bagging machine due to unstable results (error: 49.5 - 50.7 kg). Adjust to threshold: 50.17 kg (±0.1 kg).

* Form of cooperation

Provide calibrated packaging machine equipment or machine calibration solutions.