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The ARCspectro VIS-NIR DR Spectrophotometer

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Supplier: ARCoptix

Measuring diffuse reflectance of solid samples from 360 to 2500nm


  • The ARCspectro VIS-NIR DR combines two spectrometers: a standard multichannel grating spectrometer that covers the visible spectral range (360nm-950nm) and the Arcoptix NIR scanning Fourier-transform spectrometer with an extended range InGaAs detector which is sensitive in the NIR range from 900 to 2500 nm. Both spectrometers are connected to a 5 cm integrating sphere. The sample is illuminated with perfectly diffuse light thanks to the integrating sphere including a high power halogen lamp.

    The ARCspectro VIS-NIR DR allows you to measure the reflectivity of materials and paints over the complete solar spectral range - from 360 to 2500nm. This is important for the painting, building or solar energy industries, because it provides crucial information about the solar energy absorbed and transformed into heat by those materials or paints.

    Those charateristics make it an ideal tool for measuring the Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) according to the ASTM ® norms G173 and E903. The software included with the VIS-NIR DR automatically calculates the TSR value. The ArcSpectro VIS-NIR DR complete measurement system is proposed for only 24'900 EUR. This offers an interesting alternative to other commercially available spectrophotometers which may be more versatile but are also slower, more complex, and much more costly.

  • FeaturesVIS-NIR DR
    Spectrometer type

    Multi-channel grating spectrometer (360-950nm)
    scanning FT-NIR spectrometer (900-2500nm)

    Spectral range 360nm-2500nm
    Spectral resolution 5nm (optical, reporting interval: 1nm)
    Measurement geometry Diffuse illumination and 8° viewing
    Integrating sphere internal diameter 50mm
    Measurement port diameter 10mm
    Light source Halogen, 5W
    Measurement time ~5s
    SNR (Full dynamic range-signle
    Inter-instrument agreement ±1% at 50% R
    Read Repeatability On White Ref Less than 0.2% variation at 50% R
    Inter-instrument agreement for
    Reflectance (CIELAB)
    Better than 0.2
    Operating temperature 10°C-40°C
    Operating power 12V / 15W (line power adaptor is included)
    Communication Interface USB
    Software interface Windows 7 / 10
    Product dimensions 38mm x 25cm x 32cm
    Product weight8 kg

    • Large wavelength range (360nm to 2500nm)
    • Fast measurements (about 5 seconds)
    • High resolution (5 nm)
    • Easy maintenance
    • Easy to use (no use parameters)
    • Good inter-instrument agreement
    • Customization of hardware and software on demand
    • Cost effective