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SC/UKWT Corrosion Test Chambers

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Supplier: Weiss Technik

SC/UKWT Corrosion Test Chambers.


  • The SC/UKWT corrosion test chambers from weisstechnik® are equipped with a recirculating air unit that allows the relative humidity in the chamber to be regulated. Corrosion-resistant psychrometers for moisture measurement are installed for this purpose. With the weisstechnik® SaltEvent SC/UKWT automated alternating recirculating air corrosion testers, you can investigate the effect of salt spray, condensed water, and normal climate – whether individually or in combination. Thanks to the sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship, the testers have excellent temperature constants and thus ensure correct and reliable measurements.
    - In air-conditioning mode, the test chamber is conditioned by an air-conditioning unit in air recirculation mode.
    - The air conditioning unit is located in an additional machine part behind the test chamber module.
    - Humidity measurement by means of forced humidified psychrometric measuring system
    - Direct spraying of the salt solution
    - The walls of the test chamber can be cleaned automatically with a ring purge line.
    - Tests according to D17 2028/ECC1 are also possible with our alternating recirculating air testers.

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