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SC Corrosion Test Chambers

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Supplier: Weiss Technik

SC Corrosion Test Chambers.


  • Use the weisstechnik® SaltEvent SC corrosion testers to examine the effect of salt spray and condensation water. In salt spray testing, salt solution and moist compressed air are sprayed through a two-substance nozzle in the test chamber. With the weisstechnik® SaltEvent SC/KWT alternating corrosion testers, you can perform corrosion change tests according to VDA 621-415 with the basic device. No additional air conditioning is required for this. In addition, with the SC/KWT salt mist residues can be automatically sprayed from the test chamber. We also offer you the possibility of a climate extension to 40°C/93% r.H. for this variant.
    - Optimum spray mist distribution thanks to the precision two-substance nozzle
    - Excellent temperature constants thanks to double-shell construction with internal thermal insulation and heated compressed air humidifier with tracking control
    - Adjustable flow meter and dosing device for spray solution
    - The standard-compliant design of the test chamber and test hood prevents the spray solution droplets from falling onto the specimens.

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