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LIBS-Spectrometer Niton Apollo

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Supplier: Analyticon Instruments gmbh

Carbon measurements kept under control


  • The new Niton Apollo is the handheld solution for determining carbon or silicon content in steels, PMI measurements at lofty heights, or weldability testing. The light weight and compact dimensions of the LIBS spectrometer allow for easy flexible analysis in inaccessible locations without sacrificing precision. Thanks to its powerful laser and an argon purge, the Apollo delivers lab-quality measurement results within seconds. Carbon contents in the low, three-digit ppm range in stainless steels can thus be easily measured (e.g. differentiation of 1.4401 and 1.4404 (316/316L). The use of a powerful Li-Ion battery and an integrated argon cartridge eliminates limiting factors such as fiber optic tubes, external power supply, large gas cylinders and PC. Depending on the application scenario, gas cylinders of different sizes can be used via adapter. This increases flexibility and can minimize the cost per sample.

    Areas of application

    • Analysis of the carbon content in iron-based materials
    • PMI
    • Weldability
    • Silicon content in steels
    • Determine carbon equivalent

  • Dimensions and weights335 mm x 330 mm x 102 mm; 2.9 kg (with battery)
    Laser excitation 1064 nm, laser class 3B
    Operating temperature 0 °C bis 40 °C
    Camer Mikro and Makro
    Screen Foldable, resistive color touch screen
    Material archive database Extendable and user-definable alloy library
    Measurement method LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)
    Argon purgin Quick change gas cartridges.
    With integrated gas cartridge approx. 200 measurements possible.
    Larger gas bottles can be connected via adapter.
    Housing and standards Robust housing, IP-54 splash-proof
    Power supply 2 fast chargeable Milwaukee batteries, 18V with hot-swap function
    Accessories Robust and lockable transport case, 2 batteries, charger, 5 argon cartridges,
    setup standards, laser safety goggles, device cleaning set, PC connection cable.
    Data transmission USB-Kabel, WLAN
    Security3 independent security circuits, password protection

    • Hand-held analyzer - weighs only 2.9 kg
    • Optimized for measurements at difficult to access locations, at high altitude, with frequent changes of location.
    • Laboratory quality measurement results in seconds.
    • Includes the elements C, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Nb, Mo, W.
    • IP54 dust- and splash-proof.
    • Foldable display, for glare-free reading.
    • Hot-Swap for battery change during operation.