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Bettersizer S3 Plus – Particle size and shape analysis 0.01 – 3500 µm

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Supplier: 3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

for particle size and shape determination 0.01 – 3500 µm


  • With its unique and innovative design, the Bettersizer S3 Plus combines the measurement methods of static light scattering and dynamic image analysis, thus offering a universal option for characterizing size and shape of particles from the nanometer to the millimeter range.


    Using the patented DLOIOS technology, even nanoparticles (from 10 nm onward) can reliably be characterized. The additional lens between the laser and the measurement chamber enables the detection of the backscattered light. The use of only one laser with oblique incidence of light provides a continuous scattering spectrum with consistent wavelength and allows the detection in a continuous angle range up to 165°.


    Since the maximal intensity of the scattered light of large particles can only be detected at very small angles, the classical static light scattering cannot analyze those particles sufficient enough. The image analysis system of the Bettersizer S3 Plus enables, in contrast to other laser diffraction systems, the reliable detection of larger particles thanks to particle detection by camera and thus allows realistic measurements up to 3.5 mm.


    Thanks to the implemented dynamic image analysis, the most important shape parameters can be calculated from the individual particle images – aspect ratio, circularity, sharpness of edges, and others.


    The shape analysis can be carried out simultaneously with the size analysis or independently. Thereby you can choose between two magnifications for image collection (0.5X and 10X).

    • particle measurement range: 0.01 – 3500 µm
    • integrated CCD camera (0.5X) for the (optionally) significantly more precise detection of coarse particles up to 5 mm, especially of oversized particles, compared to “plain” static light scattering.
    • a second integrated CCD camera (10X) for the additional analysis of particle shape from a size of around 5 um.
    • innovative double lens technology (DLOIOS) with an extremely wide detection angle range (0.02° – 165°) and detection in the backscattering direction for reliable measurement of even very small particles (> 10 nm)
    • single laser technology and thus consistent laser wavelength (532 nm) for all evaluations
    • short measurement time of less than one minute
    • determination of the refractive index
    • Standard operation procedures (SOP)
    • automated dispersion and circulation system
    • automatic centering function of the optics before each measurement
    • accurate calibration function
    • easy operation and intuitive software interface
    • export of the results in multiple formats such as PDF, .txt, .jpg with software flexibility for the creation of result reports and archiving of the measurement data.
    • 600 ml standard bath volume
    • compliant with ISO 13320 and 21 CFR-Part11