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Aeris Benchtop X-ray diffractometer metals edition

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Supplier: Malvern Panalytical Ltd

The Metals edition of Aeris is a benchtop X-ray diffractometer for rapid and reliable analysis of sinter, direct reduced iron and retained austenite. Aeris is fully automatable and can easily be incorporated in industrial production control.


  • Seamless integration in automation
    - The only automatable benchtop diffractometer for high sample throughput. Aeris can be connected with a belt or a robot for fast and automated sample processing
    - The power of combining technologies
    - The twin solution, Aeris and Zetium, provides full material characterization by adding information about elemental composition (determined by Zetium) to the phase identification from Aeris.
    - Industry standard sample holders tailored to your needs
    • Collection of 51.5 mm sample holders
    • 40 mm sample holders
    Fast analysis, maximum uptime
    Rapid metal analysis minimizes feedback loops and allows early intervention for process optimization. With Aeris mineralogical information is available within 5 minutes.
    Uptime of the analytical equipment is a key for reliable process control. From the ground up, Aeris has been designed for maximum uptime.
    Strong and robust
    - Rugged design
    The only benchtop XRD instrument with external sample loading for ultimate dust protection of the heart of the instrument.
    - Minimum of infrastructural requirements
    No cooling water, no chiller, no compressed air - the only thing you need is a single-phase power socket.
    - Industry-ready
    Compatible with all common industry standards; from LIMS interfacing protocols to various industry-standard sample holders.
    An easy touch
    The most intuitive X-ray diffractometer
    With the built-in touch screen your results are always just a few taps away:
    1. Place your sample
    2. Select measurement program
    3. View results