Technology Need Survey: Vmark Origin Tracing and Authenticity System 321

vMark is a solution provided by Viettel with QR code application for product traceability, helping to track and identify products through each stage: production, processing, distribution...

In order to introduce a solution to help consumers track product from its point of origin to a retail location where it is purchased and help businesses protect their brand & supply chain, unlock supply chain efficiencies, minimise waste, Viettel has officially launched the vMark Origin Tracing and Authenticity System. 
The system is designed on the basis of QR Code technology, allowing customers to create information, QRcode stamp codes and manage features such as:
- Traceability: Allows users to set up all information related to production, supply chain, promote information,...
- Online warranty: vMark provides the feature of setting up warranty activation through scanning QR code; manage and update the product warranty process.
- Warning of counterfeit products: With each QR code stamp issued, vMark allows businesses to choose an anti-counterfeiting warning feature for consumers (such as limiting the number of times QR code stamps are scanned on products).
- Distribution channel management: Collect QR code stamp scanning locations, give overflow warnings if not in accordance with the product distribution area.
CESTI wishes to learn of business’ need for technology transfering or applying this system. If there is much interest, we will organize an “Technology Cooperation” event to introduce the technology and connect the technology owners with businesses in need. Click here to download technology info. An invitation to the event would be sent to you as well as posted on 

Interested parties can fill in the survey here, or contact:

Center for Statistic and Science and Technology Information of Hochiminh City

79 Truong Dinh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Mobile: 0939.413.733 (Ms. Thuy Van)