Surveying the Need for Technology Transfer and Application of Smart City Lighting Solutions


The Center for Statistic and Science and Technology Information of Hochiminh City (CESTI) is researching business needs for technology transfer and application of smart city lighting sollution in order to organize a connecting event between technology owners and interested parties.


In order to introduce a way to save energy in production and business, thus reducing costs for lighting works, Dien Quang Company successfully came up with "Smart city lighting solutions". This system is designed with many advantages such as voice control in Vietnamese, ability to work offline, open platform connecting to many ecosystems of lighting equipment manufacturers in the world, cloud computing services, two-layer access security, etc. The system can be customized to fit specific objectives:

- Smart street lighting solution: With a central unit for remote control, eliminates geographical restrictions. Saves operator manpower with smart sensors. Application of LoRa technology for long-range, low-power communication. Intuitive load graph interface with failure alarm, fault prediction, monitoring and statistics of energy consumption.

- Smart office - building solution: Manages economical lighting system along with cold system control, smart car tunnel with motion detection, disinfection system, smart meeting room, surveillance AI camera close, etc.

- Smart factory solution: Comprehensive support for consulting design, construction and maintenance of lighting systems with one-touch management software, helps production enterprises save up to 80% of electricity consumption, provides a safe working environment with smoke, overheating, flooding and air quality alarms.

CESTI wishes to learn of business’ need for transfering or applying this product. If there is much interest. CESTI will organize an “Technology Cooperation” event to introduce the technology and connect the technology owners with businesses in need. Click here to download technology info. An invitation to the event would be sent to you as well as posted on


Interested parties can fill in the survey here, or contact:

Center for Statistic and Science and Technology Information of Hochiminh City

Technology Transaction Office

Mobile: 0939.413.733 (Ms. Thuy Van)