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Ridder Productive scanning system

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Supplier: Ridder Inc

For quick and accurate tracking of labour and productivity.


  • As well as traditional fixed-wire terminal networks, data can also be logged easily and effectively using apps and mobile scanning solutions. These are easy to combine with an existing network of terminals. Ridder Productive offers a tracking and scanning app that works on Android operating systems. We have also developed a Ridder Scanner to provide a safe and affordable alternative to the use of smartphones inside the greenhouse. All these solutions can be used with or without Ridder Productive NFC scan tags. The apps and scanning functions enable you to track labour, productivity and quality – accurately and in real time. And they’re so simple to use. The system even reduces the number of errors due to language barriers, because our apps and scanners are so intuitive to use. With Ridder Productive apps and scanning solutions, tracking crop operations, observations and harvesting is a piece of cake. It’s even possible to add photos when data or observations are logged. All the data entered is instantaneously processed by Ridder Productive and is then available to everyone in the company. That means that you always have an up-to-date overview of activity and production, fully visualized down to the last detail. The apps also aid communication in the greenhouse, because everyone can see immediately how much progress is being made and what is going on. You can even issue or change your instructions to workers who are using the Ridder Scanner, thanks to its instant messaging service.

  • - Accurate tracking of labour and productivity
    - Monitor business processes in real-time
    - Works online or offline
    - Reliable
    - Affordable