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Ridder Productive Manager app

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Supplier: Ridder Inc

Insight into production and workforce - any time and any place.


  • Insight into the quality of the product, the work being done and the current status of the crop – no matter where you are or what time of day it is. That’s what every greenhouse supervisor wants. The Ridder Productive Manager app has been developed specifically for workforce managers. This all-in-one Ridder Productive mobile app gives you constant access to all the data you need. It enables you to monitor progress on work processes and your crop operations quickly and easily.
    You can check, record, correct and analyse greenhouse processes and performance – at any time of the day.
    The Ridder Productive manager app can be used across your whole business. It’s ideal for keeping tabs on pests and diseases in your greenhouse, for example. It can also help you with crop tracking, allowing you to add many characteristics for each crop, season or location. And managers can use the app to assess the quality of the work being done in the greenhouse.
    Ridder Productive saves workforce managers so much valuable time. And the more time you save on management, the more time you’ll have left for your crop, your workers and for quality improvements.
    That’s great news for greenhouse managers and owners who want to the eliminate paperwork that quality control and pest control normally mean. The benefits of the Ridder Productive Manager app makes the work of any greenhouse manager so much easier.

  • - Up-to-date overview of crop status
    - Respond to developments in real time
    - Objective worker evaluation
    - Digital crop registration
    - Logging and monitoring of pests and diseases