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Ridder HortOS horticulture management app

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Ridder HortOS horticulture management app.


  • In today’s world we generate ever more data, and the greenhouse is no exception. Climate data, crop data, production data, financial data – huge amounts of data are available from across the entire organization. But what can all this data actually tell us and how can we make sense of it, so that we can optimize the success of our crops and our organization?
    Simply centralizing all this data in one place is not a solution. This is what makes Ridder HortOS more than just a data platform. It’s a new way of looking at horticulture management. It makes it easy to see progress, monitor targets and make adjustments where necessary. It enables the various parts of the company to work together using a shared language. That includes all levels – from growers, greenhouse managers and supervisors to managers and owners working at the board level. Ridder HortOS allows everyone to work together on growth and efficiency.
    Ridder HortOS is a secure environment that presents all the relevant data centrally and places it in context, alongside the relevant goals and expectations. It also provides a framework for setting those goals, selects the best strategy for achieving them, and budgets for the resources required. This generates reliable and up-to-date information on which to base decisions – optimizing and simplifying the management of large-scale horticultural businesses across multiple locations.

    Quick access to an up-to-the-minute picture of how things are going in your organization, whenever and wherever you want. Take immediate action, at just the right time, and take preventive action based on the forecasts provided.
    HortOS provides you with a clear picture of the latest financial performance of the greenhouse. Strategic performance indicators give you an insight into production costs and revenue per greenhouse, location, cultivation or crop. This enables you to take strategic decisions that are fully aligned with your operational targets.
    HortOS always presents data and information in the context of the targets that have been set. No more time wasted on preparing your own analyses: every status and performance indicator is visible at a glance.
    Plan and compare the performance of locations, crops and employees against targets, historical data and more.
    Communicate and report in a shared language and environment.
    HortOS is an open platform that allows you to integrate or link to third-party services, systems and applications.
    HortOS stores all your data in a secure environment which is only accessible to those authorized to view it, based on their role.
    A single centralized environment for all the relevant information on multiple locations, greenhouses, systems, cultivations and crops.
    HortOS has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and it includes ready-to-use applications developed using feedback from growers and horticultural businesses all over the world.