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Dryers and industrial ovens for flammable solvents

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Supplier: Weiss Technik

Dryers and industrial ovens for flammable solvents.


  • In the case of processes such as drying surface coatings, sizing varnish and impregnating resins the released substances (e.g. solvents) could mix with air to form an explosive mixture. If an ignition source is also present, there may be an explosion. The dryers and ovens HeatEvent F from vötschtechnik® meet the advanced safety requirements of EN 1539 and allow the drying and heat treatment processes to be safely controlled by limiting the amount of solvents.
    HeatEvent provides the highest interior volume with the smallest footprint. Thanks to iE3 motors, improved insulation and the reliable door-sealing concept, the ovens operate with maximum energy efficiency. The HeatEvent series is equipped as standard with the digital SiMPAC® measurement and control system and the innovative WEBSeason® user interface. This facilitates simple operation and monitoring of the heating and drying oven, the creation of complex temperature programs and the automation of processes in accordance with AMS 2750E or CQI-9. High process reliability is achieved thanks to the safety concept.

  • Overview of customer benefits:
    - Smallest footprint with the largest effective space
    - Low energy consumption thanks to IE3 motors, optimised heat output, insulation and reliable door sealing designs
    - World’s largest range of options and accessories in addition to comprehensive basic equipment