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Multi-parameter Water Quality Analyzer Aqua2000-5x

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Supplier: Suntech Engineering Co., LTD

The multi-parameter water quality analyzer Aqua2000-5x measures automatically, and consistently in real time, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine, pH, Electric Conductivity and Water Temperature as well as flow rate all at the same time. The optimized sample flow system enables us to provide accurate and stable water quality measurement data even under the most challenging conditions.


  • Special Features:
    • All-in-one system measuring 5 parameters: Turbidity, pH, Free Chlorine, Conductivity and Temperature
    • Only one sample of 200-700 ml/min needed
    • Fast Response Time, Less than 1 Minute
    • Intelligent Operation: Auto/Remote Diagnostics & Sensor Flush
    • Small Footprint
    • Simple & Reliable
    Main Application:
    • Waterworks Treatment and Distribution
    • Wastewater Tertiary Discharge
    • Industrial Water