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JS Press-type Water Sampler

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Supplier: JS INTEGER Co., Ltd.

Experience a water sampler with superior performance in all aspects compared to the Van Dorn type products.


  • Just lift up once, All preparations for water sampling are done with this single step.
    You don't have to undergo the trouble of mounting every two wires one by one.
    Exceptional Durability
    There is no need to worry about corrosion since we use hard anodizing coated high-strength aluminum alloys and tempered stainless steel for the water sampler.
    The rail structure made of solid stainless steel rods provides high operational efficiency and extremely low failure rate.
    The optimized stainless steel spring maintains semi-permanent elasticity, and the high-quality polycarbonate sampling bottle and special silicon packing maximize durability.
    We can custom-produce any size you want
    JS press-type water samplers are hand-made at our workshop to meet the specifications of each order.
    Experience your custom water sampler made to your specifications.
    We provide rapid after-sales service for your convenience.
    By producing and assembling all the parts used in the product directly at the headquarters factory we can respond quickly to the product's failure, and applied a one-year warranty period to minimize inconvenience when using it.
    Reliable performance and quality recognized
    JS press collectors are elaborated without error through JS Integer's technology, which has been accumulated over a period of more than 20 years in the field of machine/apparatus production.
    In addition, the product obtained domestic and American patents for originality in the product structure and received a special award at the Taiwan International Inventions Exhibition in recognition of its quality and superior technology.
    - Korea Patent 10-1806206
    - US Patent US10, 876,934B2