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BioGas recycling system

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Supplier: Yusung Engineering Co., Ltd

It refers to a system that generates digestive gases by digesting sludge from a STP or WTP, desulfurizes & stores the gas to be used as a heat source for boilers or fuel cells and any of remaining digestive gas gets incinerated. In other words, it is a system converting organic wastes into a bio gas.


  • A digestive gas recycling system consists of 4 systems:
    - Digester to generate a digestive gas by digesting the sludge
    - Desulfurizer to remove Sulphur from the generated digestive gas
    - Gas holder for saving the generated digestive gas temporarily
    - Gas flare to incinerating the surplus digestive gas

  • The Egg-shaped Digester is the type most constructed in large-capacity processing facilities as it does not have a blind spot and is suitable for reducing sludge.
    This facility is used to purify hydrogen gas by removing the sulfur contained in the gas produced in the Egg-shaped Digester that reduces corrosion and life span of the machine.
    Gas Holder is a storage tank for a digestive gas in order to recycle the digestive gas to fuel a boiler and a fuel cell
    Enclosed gas flare is a device for flaring of any digestive gas that is remained after being used for a boiler and a fuel cell