General Rules


- Organizations and individuals participating in Ho Chi Minh City Technology Portal must be owners, legal representatives of technology, equipment, scientific and technological services, creative ideas, bright Investment projects.

- Participants are fully responsible for the legality of providing information on their legal person status, functions, areas of work, personal information, etc.

Regulations on updating information

- For participants: Organizations and individuals participating in Hochiminh City Technology Portal are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information posted; Regularly keep up-to-date on your posts at least quarterly.

- For technology transaction activities: Organizations and individuals shall introduce their capabilities, technologies and equipment and research results so that customers can easily find and conduct transactions. Technology products and equipment should fully display information in the attached form. Note the technical specifications, encourage visual and video description.

- For technology transfer consultancy activities: Organizations and specialists to introduce their capacity and scientific and technological services to meet customers' need for consultancy and ordering. Describe by attached form, specifying the area of ​​expert who can undertake consultancy, scientific and technological services that the unit has registered with the functional agency, detailed information of the project has. Transfer, service has been successful.

- For partner search activities: Organizations and individuals who own ideas, inventions, investment projects ... will present their cooperation needs in order to find suitable partners. The project should seek partners to present the full information in the attached form, encouraging clearly stating the project objectives, expected investment scale and the mode of cooperation.

Regulations on the responsibility of the system administrator

- Ensure the stability, continuous operation of the network infrastructure system; Support for easy and convenient online transactions, information exchange; Support to upload information, images, videos ...; Troubleshooting arises.

- Browse information before posting on the system based on the criterion appropriate to the functioning of Ho Chi Minh City Technology Portal.

- Building communication programs and plans, acting as a focal point for promoting and introducing the operation of Ho Chi Minh City Technology Portal to contribute to developing and attracting customers.

- Coordinate with units and individuals to carry out connection promotion activities and technology transfer consultancy upon request.