Municipal science technology department in Ho Chi Minh city has established and operated Techmart Online since 2002. After 14 years of operation, Techmart Online has actively served the community and businesses in seeking investment, innovating technology and equipment. However, in order to promote the innovation and technology transfer in HCM city more strongly, starting from 2016, under the direction of the Department of science and technology, the Information Center has been making investments and upgrade the system of transaction portal with many more functions.

The objective of the system is to create transaction environment and to search for a beneficial partnership on the Internet, with the participation of the technology supply and demand and intermediary service organizations.
Three main functions:
1. Technology transactions
2. Technology transfer consultant
3. Partnership searching
Participated objects include:
Vendors: Institutes, schools, enterprises with offered products: technology, equipment, research results and inventions.
• Buyer: Organizations and individuals have demand for technology and equipment.
• Organizations and intermediary services: consultants, investors, technology and equipment services.
Techmart Online system (after upgraded) are designed, operated in the direction of meeting the needs of users by allows members to control all of their transactions in the system; provides utilities to help members become more active in the process of searching, selecting and connecting to suppliers, consultants and investors. Organizations and individuals are owners of inventions, business projects, start-up projects in needs of finding partnership that is able to use the system to introduce products to investors,etc.
In addition, the system will also convey a lot of information related to the activities of Science and Technology in HCM City as workshops introducing Technology and Equipment, the technology trend analysis report and events tookplace at HCM City.