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Smartsigns Compact 500 Vital Signs Monitor

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Supplier: Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd

Smartsigns Compact 500 Vital Signs Monitor.


  • Maximise your productivity at the touch of a button by selecting either a numerical SPOT display or traditional WAVEFORM display.
    The attractive design with its integrated touch screen and intuitive screen layout maximises the care givers’ productivity. Functions are carried out using a ‘point and press’ operation. Using the smart interface, users have the choice of selecting a large numerical display or switching to a more traditional two waveform layout to display patient status.

  • Providing caregivers with a flexible platform, the SC500 base configuration provides users with a standard set of monitoring capabilities - BP, Pulse Rate and Oxygen Saturation; in areas where additional vital signs need to be monitored, users can select from the options listed below to include a number of options designed to address these needs:
    Base configuration BP, SpO2 and Pulse Rate
    - Option 1 ECG (I, II III lead)
    - Option 2 Nellcor Oximax™ SpO2
    - Option 3 Temperature (Tympanic thermometer)
    - Option 4 Integrated two channel printer
    Patient measurements and observations are enhanced through the provision of the early warning scoring system (MEWS and NEWS2 systems).
    The integrated scoring tool provides users with a standardized method of identifying changes with patient status, it also has the potential to reduce the number of data input errors when compared with manual methods of recording.
    Each monitoring option is supported by user programmable three level alarm function, this essential feature helps reduce alarm fatigue and supports best practice. Furthermore, the alarm priorities and levels can be set to match any existing departmental protocol.
    To support effective patient management and efficient record keeping, the large internal memory can store, transfer and recall up to 200 sets of measurements.