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Multi-detector Camera System EI310

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Vietnamese version

Supplier: Mekong Technology Co., Ltd

It is easy operation and low-cost image inspection software, in order to connect to 1-5 pieces of USB cameras commercially available and for all purpose. You can easily build the image inspection system with low cost. If you register a good quality product image as a master image, the image inspection software can detect the difference in shape, color, position, and about dimensions and/or angle at the same time, from the inspected image.


  • •    Easy Setting: It have the same function of comparing the result of color, shape, dimension and angle measurement. Furthermore multiple cameras can be used.
    •    Color and shape:
    -    Registration of master display
    -    Noise removal, position correction etc. settings
    -    Color adjustment
    -    Perform the premission settings.
    -    search setting
    -    Display result, successful rate and number of search.
    •    Dimension and angle:
    -    Can frame multiple measurement areas and option can be selected by each frame.
    -    48 measurement options.(Show as the picture below)
    -    By combining 2 options together, result of any error can be showed.
    •    User manual:
    -    Only need USB camera and computer. Start the checking by a single click.
    -    By connect to the I/O unit option, seach can be done by foot switch.
    -    By connect to the I/O unit option and PLC, inline auto search will be available.

  • •    Low price
    •    Easy set-up
    •    Simple control by PLC