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iRMAP (Intelligent Remote Monitoring Application Protocol)

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Supplier: Esco Micro Pte. Ltd.

24/7 customer care monitoring


  • iRMAP is a fee-based service for any Esco Product that is Voyager compatible.

    In the event of issues that could threaten customer samples, an iRMAP monitoring team member will contact the customer or an assigned customer contact until the situation is resolved. The iRMAP team member will continue to reach their contact(s) until the samples are safe.

    iRMAP in conjunction with the Predictive Failure Monitoring System can also monitor the health of the freezer and proactively dispatch service to correct pending and future freezer issues that could threaten customer samples

  • 24/7 customer care monitoring features:

    • Dedicated Esco technical support representative
    • Users can access Voyager data logs anytime and at any location using web browser applications
    • Customer can access and acknowledge  alarms and data using apps for iOS and android mobile devices.