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Voyager® Software

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Supplier: Esco Micro Pte. Ltd.

Remote Monitoring, Datalogging, Programming Software


  • Esco Voyager® is a PC-based software package developed for the remote monitoring, datalogging, and programming / device configuration of Esco controlled environment laboratory equipment. Compatible equipment includes laboratory ovens and microbiology incubators. Voyager® interfaces with individual Esco equipment over RS485 using the EscoBUS communications protocol. Up to 16 devices of equipment may be interfaced to a single PC.

    Key Features:

    • Remote Monitoring
    • Remote Programming and Equipment Configuration
    • Datalogging and Graph Functions
    • Alarm

  • Minimum System Requirements

    • Operation system: Windows XP, 7 Professional, 8, and Windows 2003 and 2008 Server.
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Hard disk space: 10 GB
    • Interface: USB/RS232/RS485
    • Prerequisite Software: .NET Framework 2.0 (included)
      Windows Installer 3.1 (included)


    *Internet connection required for email alert feature.

  • Remote Monitoring and Data Logging:
    • Automatic, continuous monitoring of device parameters (Temp, CO₂, RH, etc.) to validate instrument performance and assay criteria.
    • Allows a single researcher to view and graph MULTIPLE device parameters remotely in real-time.
    • Saving and exporting log data in various formats from multiple instruments.
    • Automatic emailing of log data at user-defined intervals.
    • Download of data logs from equipment memory (only for devices with built-in data logging memory, i.e. CO₂ Incubators).
    • Voyager® can activate an alarm if a user-defined parameter limit is exceeded.
    • When an alarm condition occurs, Voyager® can automatically send email alerts to protect precious samples or experiments.
    • Documentation of all alarms with time/date stamp.
    Remote programming and equipment configuration
    • Voyager® allows for easier program development with a simpler graphical user interface.
    • Voyager® software can download user programs to multiple Esco instruments easily insuring consistent experiments on multiple devices.

    New in Voyager G3
    • Support  ULT Aalto Silver, Gold and Platinum controller CO₂, OFA, IFA, IFC
    • Connection via standard RJ-45 network, or wifi for Aalto Platinum controller
    • Sends notification via email, SMS, and local audible alert
    • Compliant to 21 CFR Part 11 standard + Auto archiving functionality
    • 100 connections on RJ-45 network or Wi-Fi; 16 connections per RS-485 interface
    • iRMAP compatible