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Motorised aperture holder for SEM

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Supplier: Deben UK Ltd.

Deben can offer a motorised aperture drive for many SEM columns including JEOL JSM-5400/5600/6360, JSM5800/5900/6460 JSM-840, 6300, 6400, JXA-8600 and JXA-8900.


  • The motorised unit completely replaces the existing final aperture assembly. The system comprises, a precision motorised mechanical assembly, drive electronics and keypad controller, or accessory panel which can be fitted to the SEM console.
    Upto five aperture positions can be selected using push buttons, the centre position of the aperture may be adjusted using arrow buttons. Aperture positions are stored in non-volatile memory so that when selecting a new aperture, re-centering is not necessary. Total movement is 10mmx1mm with position reproducability better than 3um. Motorised aperture drives may be supplied for any column with a side entry aperture holder.
    An optional RS-232 interface in incorporated for remote operation. Aperture selection may then be controlled from a microscope computer control program, removing the need for an accessory panel or keypad.
    Applications include hot cell construction and remote operation (internet microscope).

  • Two axis motorised operation

    Replaces existing manual aperture assembly

    Precision mechanical assembly

    Compact drive unit

    RS-232 interface for computer control (optional)

    Aperture selection display

    Precision DC gear motors with optical encoders

    Keypad or accessory panel operation

    Five position aperture selection

    Position repeatability better than 3um