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G520F Machining center for frame structure and chassis parts

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Supplier: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

The two-spindle frame structure and chassis machining center guarantees high dynamics and maximum flexibility.


  • The GROB G520F machine concept guarantees customers in the automotive industry flexible and precise 5-axis machining of frame structure and chassis parts, as well as battery housings.
    As a stand-alone system or machining center linked to other machines, the two-spindle G520F is able to cut two parts in parallel in the shortest time possible – high dynamics and ideal chip transport included.
    Axis arrangement
    The axis combination is based on the tried and proven G-series GROB machine concept with horizontal spindle position and guarantees free chip fall and optimized heat dissipation.
    Modular configuration
    The modular and standardized machine components guarantee the best possible GROB product quality.
    Individual automation
    Available with manual or automatic front loading or automatic top loading, and optionally with integrated pallet changer.
    Two spindles
    Two-spindle machine for machining two parts in parallel. 

  • - Working travels in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm): 1,450/1,200/1,035
    - Max. speeds in X-/Y-/Z-axis (m/min): 80/50/100
    - Interference diameter (mm): 2 x 1,200
    - Chip-to-chip time t1 according to VDI 2852 (s) relative to speed (rpm): 2.7
    - Positioning accuracy in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm): 0.01
    - Total weight without/with pallet changer (kg): 35,000/45,000
    - Table load (kg) (without/with palett): 2x750

  • - Best chip fall
    - High dynamics
    - High manufacturing flexibility
    - High machining accuracy
    - Customer-specific part loading
    - As a stand-alone machine or linked in the system
    - Suitable for MQL machining operations
    - Short chip-to-chip times