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G320 Modular Machining Center

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Supplier: GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

The compact two-spindle machining module for even faster production in your manufacturing line.


  • With its G320, the G-series two-spindle machining center, GROB offers a compact and modular machine variant for use in highly flexible manufacturing lines in the automotive sector.
    To increase efficiency in the production process, two motorized spindles arranged in parallel machine two parts at the same time. Having the pallet changer option, the compact G320 guarantees dynamic and economic manufacture without additional change-over times.
    Axes decoupling
    To improve dynamics and rigidity and to achieve a compact configuration according to the modular concept, the motion axes of the G-modules have been divided into tool and part side.
    Modular configuration
    The standardized basic principle of the G-series permits a modularized manufacturing process with shorter throughput times and minimized part costs. This effectively reduces the number of assemblies while permitting a broad range of combinations.
    Extremely economic
    The G-modules are designed for both wet and dry machining. In the system overall, they require only a very small footprint and are optimized for short throughput times. Thanks to constant further development, energy-saving measures are already offered as standard.
    Completely future-proof
    The G-series considers increasingly shorter innovation cycles and fast product changes. Its reduced footprint and commissioning effort makes it a flexible partner for all manufacturing tasks and any process modification. 

  • - Working travels in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm): 650/850/870
    - Max. speeds in X-/Y-/Z-axis (m/min): 95/60/120
    - Interference diameter (mm): 2x698
    - Chip-to-chip time t1 according to VDI 2852 (s) relative to speed (rpm): 2.0
    - Distance between spindles (mm): 700
    - Positioning accuracy in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm): 0.006
    - Total weight without/with pallet changer (kg): 20,000/27,000
    - Table load without/with pallet (kg) (A-/B-axis): 2x350/2x275

  • - Reduced machine width
    - Maximum tool length
    - Fast tool change
    - Broad range of applications
    - Modern machine design
    - Expandable tool pockets in the tool magazine
    - Intelligent power unit arrangement
    - Highly effective loading concept