Laser Particle Size Analyzer BT-2000

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Supplier: Công ty TNHH Thương Mại Rồng Tiến

This equipment analysises particle size with laser


  • The production, application and research field for a range of non-metallic powders, such as calcium carbonate heavy, calcium carbonate light, talcum, kaolin, graphite, wollastonite, brucite, barite, mica powder, bentonite, diatomite, clay and so on.
    The production, application and research field for a range of metallic powders, such as aluminum, zinc, molybdenum, tungsten, magnesium, copper, other rare metal and alloys.
      Adopts the single-beam dual-lens system designed by Bettersize, which can receive all the scattered signals from nanometer to millimeter accurately. The lenses we imported from Japan are the high accuracy combination of lenses, high resolution imaging, small distortion, to ensure that the instrument can receive all the signals even though the faintly ones and the ones from different angles.
        Intelligent Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) Design. Only need to feed sample, other operations such as water supply, dispersing, circulating, adjust concentration, test, drainage, cleaning, print, save and so on are all automatically finished. When concentration is high, automatically dilution; when concentration is low, prompt adding sample, to make the concentration remain optical state all along. The direct effects of the automatic design are not only the simple operation, but also reducing the errors which was made by human factor, improving the accuracy of test.

      • Size Range: 0.02-2000 um
        Sample Inflow Method: Built-in automatic circulating and dispersing system
        Repeatability:〈1% (CRM D50)
        Accuracy:〈1% (CRM D50)
        Measuring Principle: Mie scattering theory
        Laser: Import optical fiber semiconductor laser
        Operation System: Win XP/ Win 7
        Connection Port: USB or RS232
        Photodetector: 90 pcs
        Testing Time: 2-3 minutes per time
        Ultrasonic Power: 50 W
        Tank Capacity: 500 ml
        Circulating Flowrate: 500-2500 ml / min
        Voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz
        • Outer Dimension: 800x500x418mm