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Laryee UH5230 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine (6~300kN)

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Supplier: Laryee Technology Co.,Ltd.

Laryee UH5230 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine (6~300kN)


  • - Measuring range of force(kN): 6~300kN
    - Accuracy: ±1% of indicated value
    - Subsection of force: 1,2,5 for Dial type or No grade by Digital and Computer
    - Tracing Plate speed: 0.4r/min, 0.8r/min, 2r/min for Dial type
    - Clamping diameter for round specimen(mm): Ø10-32
    - Clamping width of flat specimen: 70 mm
    - Clamping thickness of flat specimen(mm): 0-15
    + Testing space
    + Tension: 620mm
    - Compression: 550mm
    - Compression Platen size(mm): Ø120
    - Distance of bending by pass roll(mm): 60-320
    - Piston stroke: 200mm
    - Power supply: 380/220v±10%, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
    - Working environment: Room temperature 10℃~30℃,relative humidity≤80%
    - Overall dimension(mm)
    + Host machine: 800x500x1950
    + Dynomometer: 1070x810x1730
    - Weight: 2000 kg
    - Standard accessories:
    Digital Indicator,
    Hydraulic Pressure Sensor,
    Tension Test Accessories,
    Compression Test Accessories,
    Bending Test Accessories,
    - Optional Accessories:
    Shearing Test Accessories,
    photoelectric encoder,
    Extensometer, PC interface and Software