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Large Sliding Shoe Sorter

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Supplier: iAmech

The conveying surface consists of aluminum slats. The slider moves horizontally on the aluminum slat to push the goods sideways to the sorting chute, which is gentle and does not damage the goods easily.
The system is flexible enough to use sliders for fast sorting according to the length and size of the goods and is suitable for workplaces where require high sorting efficiency.


  • With the sorting capacity of 11,700pcs/hr, Large Sliding Shoe Sorter is available for sorting heavy goods which the weight can be up to 45kg.

  • Large Sliding Shoe Sorter uses modular design, which offer easy scalability and configuration to match each unique sorting requirements.
    Large Sliding Shoe Sorter is suitable for sorting totes or cartons that has rigid and flat bottom. The maximum good dimension for Large Sliding Shoe Sorter is L1100xW800xH500mm.
    At the end of the system, there is equipped with a chute designed for abnormal situations. When the system determines that a parcel is abnormal, it will be discharged through this chute.