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Circular Cross Belt Sorter

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Supplier: iAmech

Circular Cross Belt Sorter is large-scale sortation system which can be equipped with two input areas and two sorting chute areas. It also provides with re-circulation function. Goods will recirculate in sortation system for re-confirmation or will be discharged to the error chutes to handle by manual when system senses that sorting chutes is full or an abnormal recognition of goods.


  • With a maximum sorting capacity of 24,000 pieces per hour, it features flexible chute planning and optimized plant space.
    Crossbelt sorter uses linear motors to drive multiple modular carts, each of which unloads goods into the sorting chute by a belt conveyor that rotates when it reaches the sorting chute.

  • The dual-side sorting chutes can accommodate diverse classification of goods with minimum space requirement.
    With the sorting speed up to 120m/min, Circular Cross Belt Sorter is capable of sorting enormous goods and reaching the sorting capacity of 24,000 pcs/hr.
    Goods will pass through automated barcode scanning so that the system can identify and discharge goods to the designated sorting chute.