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Zero Air Generators

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Supplier: LabTech Srl

Aeroair generatorThe LZA series is one of the smallest and most efficient hydrocarbon-free air purifier systems for laboratory use. It utilizes the reliable and efficient heated catalyst technology to reduce the emission of THC and methane to less than 0.05 ppm. The LZA series increases the efficiency of any laboratory by removing the high-pressure gas cylinders. Zero air is used in many commercial and laboratory applications to improve the quality of a product or process, like the source of fuel air for Flame Ionization Detectors (FID) or a zero reference for any instrument that measures hydrocarbon concentration. The LZA generators allow the production of in- house purified air in a simple and inexpensive way.


  • Flow-Rates up to 6000cc/min
    Outlet Pressure up to 6,5 bar
    Total Hydrocarbon Content < 0,05ppm
    Compact Dimensions
    Plug & Play Solution
    Main applications:
    - THA
    - Flame photometric detector (FPD)
    - NPD
    - Flame ionization detector (FID) for feed gas
    - Pulsed flame photometric detector (PFPD)