ZAplus Axial fan

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

The ZAplus housing (in dimensions of 450-1,000 mm) allows an optimal air flow, which was developed using CFD (state-of-the-art flow simulations). The housing is made using plastic injection molding. The popular FE2owlet blade design and ZAplus nozzle interact in perfect harmony. With integrated guide vanes and a short diffuser on the pressure side, ZAplus noticeably optimises its performance data and acoustics. Existing systems can be easily retrofitted by replacing the fan – for increased air output and lower operating costs with minimum sound emissions.


  • With ZAplus we have developed a flexible, affordable, and environmentally friendly fan system that combines an optimised full nozzle with guide vane, motor suspension, and short diffusor, with the biomimetic FE2owlet and FE3owlet fans. This multifunctional system enables high pressures and improved efficiencies with fully speed-controllable air flow and very low noise emissions. The smart ventilation system offers significantly higher levels of efficiency, which is also reflected in considerable cost savings per unit. These axial fans are available with either AC or ECblue technology and are suitable for use in mechanical engineering, system technology, refrigeration technology, building air conditioning, energy and environmental technology, and automotive technology.

  • - Intelligent ventilation system with built-in efficiency guarantee
    - Extremely low operating costs of the axial fan due to optimum efficiency with minimum noise emissions as a result of biomimetic blade design and aerodynamically optimised ZAplus nozzles
    - High flexibility thanks to fully speed-controlled air flow
    - High corrosion protection with corrosion-free nozzle made of high-performance composite material
    - Smooth operation and high durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
    - Increased air handling capacity with high-end diffusor option (ZAplus+)
    - Reduced handling time as no packaging is required
    - Meets the requirements of the current ErP Directive
    - Numerous certifications (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)