FC axial fan

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

ZIEHL-ABEGG fans meet the highest quality requirements in any application area. The axial fans in the FC model range with profiled aluminium die-cast blades stand out thanks to their particularly high level of efficiency. This is why our FC model range is used in such a wide range of fields, such as full nozzles in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, agriculture, transformer cooling, timber drying, industrial applications and mechanical engineering. Thanks to its robust design, the FC model range demonstrates smooth-running operation and durability. This allows us to create a real connection between efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • Axial fans from the FC model range with proven aluminium die-cast blades offer high flexibility due to fully speed-controlled volume flow rates. They are recommended for use in aerodynamically designed air duct systems, such as full nozzles and pipe installations. The axial fan powered by AC technology is available in dimensions from 315 mm to 1,250 mm and is suitable for flow rates of up to 62,000 m³/h and static pressure increases of up to 300 Pa. This fan represents an economically viable compromise between energy efficiency and initial investment costs and is well-suited for application areas such as mechanical engineering, system technology and automotive technology.

  • - High flexibility thanks to fully speed-controlled air flow
    - Compromise between energy efficiency and investment costs
    - Smooth operation and high durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
    - The axial fan meets the requirements of the ErP Directive 2015
    - Numerous certifications (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)