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Water Chiller

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Supplier: LabTech Srl

Even if water is one of the most precious and scarce resources. It is still largely used as coolant in many laboratories. Most of the water used as coolant is not recycled, involving higher and higher laboratory costs. LabTech offers a complete line of recirculating water chillers to match all laboratory needs. The LabTech’s state-of-the-art water chillers ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions of instruments even in the harsh laboratory conditions.


  • High energy efficiency
    - The “hot gas bypass” technology carries back the hot. uncondensed refrigerant through a reservoir coil eliminating both the ON/OFF compressor cycle and energy-waste.
    Accurate temperature
    - P.I.D. is a dynamic temperature control technique through proportional. integral derivative algorithms controls that guarantees precise and stable temperature setpoint.
    High quality components
    - All parts used in LabTech’s chillers have to pass strict quality control tests. The quality control ensures a long lifespan. even with 24/7 use.
    Operating cost reduction
    - The LabTech’s recirculating chillers allow to save a large amount of tap water. signifi cantly reducing lab costs
    “Green lab conditions”
    - All LabTech’s chillers use CFC-free cryogenic gas which is compatible with international environmental standards.
    High performance
    - The LabTech’s chillers guarantee quiet operations and low water consumption providing rapid and powerful cooling.