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VTC-W Series Wheel Hub Vertical Turning Center

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Supplier: Shandong Deed Precision Machine Tool., Ltd.

This machine series is designed for the rough and fifine turning of automobile wheel hubs, mainly for the processing of passenger vehicle wheel hubs and commercial vehicle wheel hubs below 24 inches, as well as disc parts of similar size and structure.



  • - The spindle is made of mineral material inlaid with steel, it can greatly reduce the vibration of the machine caused by the rotation of workpiece, also conducive to the stability of fifine cutting lay direction;
    - Imported customized spindle, φ180mm bearings in front and rear , together with multiple sealing structures, it can further improve the machine rigidity, bearing capacity and stability;
    - German mineral casted rectangular wall-type column can help achieve higher rigidity and better vibration absorption performance, it can also help reduce the influence of processing heat to the machine accuracy.
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