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Vendors management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Effectively manage your vendors from one place. Users with access can view information regarding tasks, assets, or transactions bound to a specific vendor.


  • With Vault’s Vendors you can:
    - Have a clear overview​​
    - Easily access information regarding vendors​​
    - View financial transactions​​
    - Gain financial insight​​
    - Store all data in one place​​
    - Use a digital approval process​​

  • Customize your view
    Categorize your vendors based on selected criteria such as name, checklists, description, last change, last transaction, contract end, tags, misc. and more. Be sure to customize the view to suit your needs.
    All data in one place
    View all the necessary information regarding your vendors to ensure you and your team can make better decisions. View the name, legal name, email, status, tax information, contact information, address and more.
    Gain financial insight
    Have a real-time overview of company spend and view all the financial transactions bound to a specific vendor. With Vault, you can have a clear overview of expenses and incomes. Set up a budget with categories and place your purchase orders directly on a budget, which’ll automatically align based on received invoices. You can sort transactions by Status, Type, Year and State.
    Cloud-based purchase order system
    Be sure to use a user-friendly purchase order system that’ll store all purchase orders related to a specific vendor in one place. With Vault you can view the date, type, purchase order number, reason for request, total, whether it’s been invoiced and more.
    Create a purchase order with ease
    Save time and money with a digital purchase process. Don’t lose anymore time filling out templates and sending purchase requests via email or paper. With a few clicks you can create a professional purchase order with your company info and logo. Vault allows you to allocate it to a specific project or department to ensure you have a clearer insight.
    Have company procurement under control
    Experiencing unnecessary spend or trying to figure out who was supposed to approve your purchase request? With a digital approval process, you can improve the procurement. With Vault every purchase is tracked and users with rights can approve it with a single click.