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TruMark Station 1000 Marking system

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Supplier: TRUMPF SE + Co. KG

Marking with the TruMark Station 1000 is fast, easy, and flexible. When it comes to non-automated and non-motorized systems, the TruMark Station 1000 marking is performed with low material throughput. With a work area that is accessible from three sides, the lightweight work station is ideal for use as a desktop work station and for mobile use. The marking field size is 110 mm x 110 mm. A safety-monitored laser protection door provides class 1 laser safety.


  • The TruMark Station 1000 is the smallest and most compact laser work station from TRUMPF yet. It is an entry-level device at a low price that can be used for economical high-quality marking. It is recommended in particular for small quantities and components. You can use the TruMark Station 1000 for simple marking at the highest quality. The work station is ideal for use as a desktop work station and for mobile use.
    Combining the TruMark Station 1000 with the TRUMPF one-box lasers gives you a true desktop solution. You can start marking as soon as you have connected the devices to the power supply – you do not need a supply unit, additional connections, or electronics.

  • - Extremely compact
    As a result of its compact dimensions, the TruMark Station 1000 can even fit on a desk.
    - Quality at a good price
    You can benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio.
    - Easy to transport
    The small and lightweight TruMark Station 1000 is an excellent choice for mobile use.
    - A focus on safety
    The safety-monitored laser protection door makes sure that your employees are safe.