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Travel management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Have all the data regarding business trips in one place to keep track of your travel expenses. With Vault’s Travel management, you can make intelligent business decisions based on accurate data and simplify the process for everyone.


  • With Vault’s Travel management you can:
    - Manage your costs​​​​
    - Bring transparency to business trip expenses​​​​​
    - Approve expenses with one click​​​​​​
    - Invoice travel costs with ease​​​​
    - Automate cost approvals​​​​
    - View travel expense data in one place​​​​

  • Insight into your travel expenses​
    For many companies, travel expenses are one of the highest costs. With an overview of all your business processes you can plan future business trips, make the right decisions based on reports and analyze travel expenses.
    Define as many travel costs as you need
    Flight tickets, accommodation and taxis are just a few of your travel costs. Categorize your costs, add an amount and define which costs are billable to the client or can be shared with other travellers.​​​​
    Report travel costs to clients easily​​
    With Vault, you can automate the reporting process to save time and increase efficiency. Monitor and manage travel spending to maximize your profitability.
    Manage your spending
    Set a budget, track travel expenses and see if you meet the defined budget or if costs were refunded by the client.
    Multi-level approvals​​
    Multi-level approvals provide a thorough review process where real travel expenses are approved by the supervisor before they're posted to the accounting system.​​
    Keep the process simple and transparent​
    Vault allows you to automate the process of managing travel, expenses and invoices. Uncover hidden costs and saving opportunities.
    Don’t miss any important tasks​​
    Be sure to eliminate the stress caused by business trips. Vault’s Checklist module makes planning business travel easy. You can save time by setting up workflow for business trips, prioritizing tasks, assigning the right people to tasks, measuring the time spent on tasks and viewing the overall progress.
    Documents and receipts storage​​
    Store an unlimited number of files regarding your trips in the Documents or directly in the Transactions tab. You can store them there for as long as you need and can share them with your peers or clients. The Tag feature makes searching through your documents fast and easy. ​