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ThreatScan X-ray Scanner

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Supplier: Analyticon Instruments gmbh

The new, compact X-ray system penetrates suspicious objects in closed containers, such as parcels, suitcases, rucksacks, etc. The high image quality in sub-millimeter resolution enables fast, accurate decisions.


  • ThreatScan is a portable, battery powered X-ray generator with a very slim digital detector. The system was developed in cooperation with First responders and EOD teams. In a few easy steps it is ready to use. The lightweight, rugged generator continuously produces X-radiation to gain constant results. The 120 keV X-ray tube can penetrate up to 30 mm steel. Depending on operational circumstances, it can be combined with either the extra-large detector LS1 or the slightly smaller LS3. The scan is triggered by a laptop/tablet.
    The ThreatSpect software is easy and intuitive to use. It has a number of smart image editing and analysis features such as zoom, DeepFocus (detail sharpness), 3D Emboss, materials discrimination, measurement and annotation. Coupled with the excellent image quality, it enables the operator to interpret the images quickly and accurately.

  • X-ray generator size

    245 mm x 180 mm x 80 mm

    X-ray generator weight

    5.5 kg (without battery)


    Lithium-ion battery, operation time is 14 – 20 minutes of continuous work, up to 180 images, optional connection to power supply

    Penetration depth

    Up to 3.5 lp/mm/ 30mm of steel

    X-ray energy

    1 mA – 2 mA, selectable from 40 to 120 keV

    Detector panel
    dimensions and weights

    LS1: 753 mm x 478 mm x 25 mm, 5 kg (incl. battery)
    LS3: 462 mm x 273 mm x 35 mm, 3.2 kg (incl. battery)

    Imaging / scanning area

    LS1: 600 mm x 460 mm
    LS3: 305 mm x 256 mm

    Image acquisition / scan speed

    LS1: 5 seconds
    LS3: 2.7 seconds

    Image / detector resolution

    LS1: 1152 pixels, 3.5 lp/mm
    LS3: 640 pixels, 3.4 lp/mm

    Dynamic range

    65536 (16 bits)


    Lithium-ion battery

    Operating temperature

    -10 °C to +40 °C

    Ingress protection (water, dust)

    IP55, MIL-STD-810F 501.4 and 502.4 CE

    Data Management

    ThreatSpect Software

    Communication protocols

    Wireless 802,11 a/b/g/n,
    Wired or with fiber optic option


    Transport case, power supply charger, rechargeable batteries

  • - High penetration depth
    - Image quality with sub-millimeter resolution
    - Large area, thin detector panel
    - Scan from 3 mm above the ground
    - Recordings in real time
    - Simple, fast setting-up, easy handling
    - Powerful image processing and analysis software