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Stirring-Hotplate M-006H / M-007H

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Code: #19070

Supplier: CMVC International GmbH

Ideal for:

multiple mixing and heating applications at the same time

mixing of chemical, laboratory and pharmaceutical materials

heat-sensitive procedures in microbiology and biochemistry

sample drying and general lab heating applications


  • Features:

    each place individually adjustable

    digital Jog-Dial controller for each place

    • up to 350°C • up to 1,500 rpm

    ceramic-coated aluminium plate with 3 or 6 places 140x140 mm

    heat-, chemical- and restricted acid-resistant

    no liquid can get into the body

    powder-coated steel body

    easy to clean

    30 mm stirrer bar included (3x / 6x)

    up to 3 temperature probes possible (3 & 6 place-type)

    CE certified and unique serial number for tracing

    Safety mechanism:

    timer 99h 59min with timer-end signal

    • error status

    locking mode

    • operation LEDs


    • Jog-Dial  controller with touch-button

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