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Acoustic volume measurement

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Supplier: AltemisLab Ltd

Non-contact volume verification for plates, vials and tubes.


  • The VolumeCheck uses ultrasonic technology to measure the distance between the sensor and the sample meniscus.
    Calibration tables are initially created by recording the sensor-to-sample distance of known sample volumes.
    Samples with unknown volumes are scanned and the software extrapolates the distance from the calibration table to give the volume in each well position.

  • Suitable for many applications

    Sample library inventory management, volume checking prior and post liquid handling, and QC/QA checks.

    Labware flexibility

    Compatible with all plates, vials and tubes in SBS format from any manufacturer.

    VolumeCheck Software

    Intuitive and easy to use windows software is included.

    Quickly interpret results

    Colour map displays sample volumes for each well.

    Increase productivity

    Scan a 384 well plate in 30 seconds with fast scan mode.

    Multi user lab friendly

    Tube or plate height adapters are not needed.