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Solar Link ZERO System

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Supplier: Laplace System Co., Ltd

Solar Link ZERO is a compact measurement and control terminal based on a small PC. It measures and stores the power generation status of solar power generation in real time, and controls PCS and devices. The measurement and control data can be uploaded to the server via wired LAN or wireless communication, and can be used for remote monitoring and PR display. This system is highly scalable and can be used in a wide range of situations by combining it with various products and options.


  • Measurement
    Equipped with 2 ports of RS-485 input/output, it is capable of PCS measurement of up to 30 units in 2 systems. It also supports a wide range of smart meter, analog, contact, and pulse signal measurements.
    *Depending on the PCS, the measurement interval may be changed or the number of connections may be limited.
    PCS output can be controlled ON/OFF according to the purpose and scene. The data related to the control is uploaded to the server and can be checked from the remote monitoring screen.

    It can be connected to a network by wired LAN or wireless communication, allowing you to choose the connection method that best suits your location and situation. If wireless communication is selected according to the installation location, there is no need for line construction or wiring. Uploaded data can be displayed on the remote monitoring screen.
    - PCS communication: It measures detailed data for each PCS and each string via RS-485 communication.
    - Self-consumption: By controlling power generation in accordance with power consumption, the system suppresses reverse power flow due to excessive power generation and maximizes power generation.
    - LTE communication: Uploading measurement data to a remote monitoring server via LTE line. LTE communication function is a paid option.
    - Space-saving installation: The compact housing allows for space-saving installation in accordance with the equipment.
    - Connect with FLIPLINK: Smart Terminal Block Measure analog and pulse signals, etc. measured by FLIPLINK.
    Wide range of applications
    L-eye monitoring screen
    The L・eye monitoring screen displays the data measured by ZERO and sends out e-mails in case of abnormalities. You can also use the "L・eye Monitoring App" for smooth remote monitoring with your smartphone, and the "L・eye Integrated Monitoring" that specializes in monitoring multiple power plants.
    Local Display
    Connect the Solar Link ZERO to a small PC and display it on the display via HDMI output from the PC. It can be used for on-site monitoring and simple PR display. It also supports display items that match the system configuration, such as storage batteries and trading power.
    * This is a paid option.
    * The "Camera Image Option", "Web Camera Set", and "Line Sharing Set" cannot be used together.